Who are Heathcotes?

Thank you for your interest in Heathcote Industrial Plastics. Let us tell you a little more about us and what we do.

Heathcotes are located in Staffordshire in the heart of the United Kingdom and are a manufacturer of advanced composite materials. Our team of specialists have been manufacturing composite materials in the region since 1979, and now ship our products to over 30 different countries worldwide.

Heathcote Industrial Plastics specialise in two different aspects of noise and vibration. Firstly our engineered composite leaf springs are optimised for the generation of vibration. Their high stiffness properties and high fatigue strength make them ideal for use in vibratory conveyors and feeders.

Our second area of expertise is in eliminating vibration. Heathcote Industrial Plastics use specially developed viscoelastic polymers which are optimised to have excellent adhesion properties and outstanding levels of damping. These polymers are combined with a wide range of different materials to remove unwanted noise and vibration from engineering structures.

Why Buy From Us:

Firstly we manufacture all of our own products here in our manufacturing facility in the UK. We buy in the finest raw materials and then process them in house to generate our unique composite materials. This means we are always able to ensure the highest quality.

All our work is carried out under our ISO 9001 quality system which is fully independently accredited by NQA. All of our manufacturing technicians are specialists in the manufacture of advanced composite materials, and we continually investing in their training and in the equipment that they use.