Heathcote Industrial Plastics have been manufacturing composite leaf springs in the UK since 1979, and are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of composite leaf springs for vibratory conveyors and feeders, offering unparalleled levels of service and support.

We manufacture all of our own composite materials in our factory here in the heart of Staffordshire. Combining the finest raw materials into our unique composite spring panels, which are engineered for performance and reliability, and all manufactured under our ISO9001 accredited quality system.

  • Four different materials available depending on your requirements.

  • Wide range of stock thicknesses from 0.75 to 8mm available for dispatch in as little as two working days.

  • Standard lead time is just 10 working days.

  • Ship globally, currently exporting materials to over 49 different countries.

HiFlex Glass Fibre Springs:

The industry standard leaf spring optimised for use in vibratory conveyors and feeders. Can be used to replace all makes and models of leaf spring for improved performance, increased strength higher reliability.

HiFlex Blue - Antimicrobial Glass Fibre Springs:

Heathcotes were the first company to offer Blue coloured leaf springs with antimicrobial properties and the only company to offer a Lifetime Antimicrobial guarantee.
The same physical properties as standard HiFlex springs, but Blue in colour and kill up to 99.99% of bacteria from the surface of the spring.

HiCaFlex Carbon Fibre:

For more demanding, high-performance machines, Heathcote Industrial Plastics has designed HiCaFlex. These springs are engineered with aerospace-grade unidirectional carbon fibres and Heathcotes toughened epoxy resin. to provide the highest levels of flexural stiffness.

HiFlex 145 Improved Temperature Performance:

With advances in resin technology, the new generation of Epoxy resins allow even greater performance. HiFlex 145 offers the same toughened Epoxy, but with market leading temperature performance and stability, allowing springs to operate in harsher environmental conditions.

HiFlex High Temperature Glass:

Heathcote Industrial Plastics high temperature glass springs uses an advanced epoxy resin system which is engineered to perform at higher temperatures. This allows the springs to operate at temperatures 60% higher than our standard HiFlex material.

Heathcotes Hybrid:

Hybrid spring material is the latest innovative composite material from Heathcote Industrial Plastics. Using multi-layer technology to combine both glass and carbon fibres to give the benifits of both materials.

The added carbon increases the flexural modulus of the material far beyond what can be achieved by glass fibres alone, but the glass in the mixture reduces the overall cost of the product, giving the performance increases you see from carbon fibre without the price increase.

Spring Spacers:

It is often necessary to bank the springs together in “spring packs” in order to get the required performance. To ensure springs are well clamped and to stop the springs rubbing together Heathcote Industrial Plastics manufacture high quality spring spacers from thin SRBF sheet.

Shaped Springs:

Heathcote Industrial Plastics also manufacture shaped and curved springs and springs of non-uniform thickness. These are available in Hiflex Glass, HiCaFlex Carbon, HiFlex High Temperature and Heathcotes Hybrid materials and have applications in a wide range of applications from Automotive to Electrical.